Logos are "branded" into our heads with enourmous economic power, by constant repetition and linking to other content. The word brandig origins from the marking of cattle by the owner with his initials. In advertisement logos are associated with emotions, moods, values, adjectives and positioned in a very welldefined manner within us as targetgroup. This process is aimed to take effect on an unconscious level. The findings that Ivan Petrovitch Pavlov stumbled across while investigating the digestive system of dogs are now applied on a global scale to us, the consumers.

"Abstract" (ca 7 pages - in German)...

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Shown at:

"Diplomausstellung", 2002, Universität f. angewandte Kunst, Wien
"Quo vadis logo", 2003, Freiraum - Museumsquartier, Wien
"K.U.L.M. - Lustwandeln", 2004, Fluss, Schloss Wolkersdorf
"8th international istanbul graphic design exhibition", 2004, Mimar Sinan University, Instanbul
"Ausstellungsrundgang / steirischer herbst", 2004, Palais Attems, Graz
"Lustwandel", MAK NITE, 2004, Museum f. angewandte Kunst, Wien
"cheapart 10", 2004, cheapart gallery, Athen, Griechenland