"I shot myself"

A title that might apply to any photographic self-portrait.
Here it is given to a series of photographs where the flash is taken off the camera and ignited while inside the mouth.

The light from the flash goes into the mouth and passes through cavities and less dense tissues of the head - illuminating the head from inside. The camera is exclusively hit by light that passed through the tissue, therefore it is mainly red-orange.
In sessions with varying equipment an exploration is done into the different ways this low-light situation is depicted (just a few miliseconds of light which is predominantly red).
Many thanks to my photographer-friends who assisted with their time and equipment:
Arnd Ötting

"I shot myself - Barbarossa - 148", Fotografie, 2009

"I shot myself - glowing larynx - 239", Fotografie, 2009

"I shot myself - hold", Fotografie, 2007

"I shot myself - agm00007 ", Fotografie, 2007

"I shot myself - agm00011", Fotografie, 2007

"I shot myself - 1641", Fotografie, 2006

"I shot myself - 2457", Photography, 2006