"Trauma Queen"

Opening: September 7, 2007, at 20:30
Independent Exhibition Venue: “Mediterranean” Hotel, 28 Veranzerou str., Athens
Duration: September 7 – October 20

Opening hours:
September 7-15, daily 14:00 - 21:00
Sept 17 - Oct 20, Thursday & Friday 16:00 - 21:00, Saturday 11:00-16:00

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Press clippings

Presentation of the project at "BALKAN ART 07" Novi Sad, Serbia

An improvised videos-documentation of the exhibition

Harris Kondosphyris (info@harriskondosphyris.com)
Zoi Pappa (zoipappa@yahoo.com)

Guest Curator
Christian Rupp

Nikolas Arvanitis | Martin Bruch | KyungRan Ban| Alex Charrington | Yiannis Chiotopoulos | FinnFemFel (Albert Braun, Marcus Lerviks, Oskar Lindström) | Karin Frank | Bern Roche Farrelli | Dimitris Halatsis | Ben Jeans Houghton | Richard Jochum | Harris Kondosphyris | Manos Kornelakis | Dong Yeop Lee | Maria Lianou | Ioanna Mirka | Aphrodite Désirée Navab | Maria Nymfiadi | Zoi Pappa | Lea Petrou | Richard Riggs | Christian Rupp | Ioanna Sahini | Dagmar Streicher | Peter Wehinger | Alex Zika

For the exhibtion the unique atmosphere of this empty hotel and found objects from the location were integrated into the recipients experience.

The location is an old hotel in the phase of reconstruction, all the inner walls are taken out leaving one big space on every floor (3 floors plus some extra-rooms are used).

An installation as seen through a hole in the floor above.

This was neither curated nor made by an artist. The bird was the only one of the birds (many birds populate this hotel-building when empty) that did not fly away when people came in. The curators saw this bird several times sitting on top of an old air-conditioner while preparing the exhibition. Just before installing the artworks the bird was found haning below that box - and the reason why it hadnt been flying away was clear.
See 3 Videos about the exhibition: