Communcating BeerVessels

Shown at:
Jesuitenwiese, Vienna, 2005
Gmünd, Austria, 2007
Ceské Velenice, Czech Republic, 2007
forumschlosswolkersdorf, Wolkersdorf, Austria, 2007
MOPE08 - performance festival, Vaasa, Finnland, 2008
Subversiv Messe, im Rahmen von LINZ09, Linz, 2009


In a public place bypassers are approached and invited to a beer with a stranger. That stranger is found in the same way. The attempt is to find two people, who under "normal" circumstances presumeably would not end up drinking beer with each other. People who possibly could even be prejudiced towards each other - all that based on my assessment which relies on just seeing these people for a few moments in public space, so probably based on my own prejudice...

A standard beer-garden table is used with a matching tablecloth. Two full 1-Liter beer-glasses are on top and a slot in the middle of the table usually goes unnoticed at first. Below the table a hose connects the two glasses and therefore makes them "communicating vessels" (an expression in the language of physics). The liquid in such vessels always balances to the same level, making it impossible to just raise one glass and drink. In order to enjoy the beer, both persons depend on the others cooperation. Additionally the surprising behaviour of the beer creates an easy and amusing ambience - the communicating vessels make the people communicate too.

Formally it is a typical table where traditionally people drink beer, where the same regulars keep meeting time and time again ("Stammtisch" or see Wikipedia), where opinions get reinforced, where group-identity is reaffirmed, outsiders are excluded and where sometimes prejudice is promoted.

Exactly such a table is inverted in this project and becomes a place for relaxed encounter between potential opposites, in a humorous atmosphere together with a necessity to cooperate in order to be able to get to the beer.

Team (so far):
Concept: Christian Rupp
Inspired by a drawing of: Herb Ranharter
Realisation: Christian Rupp
Assistence: Susanna Koskela, Fatih, Michael Rupp, Giorgios Georgakopoulos, Heli Hanilla, Miina Jokela