Circle of Friends

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Three friends are positionoed in an exhibition-space as a group, taking a new potition 8 times around the photographer in the center. The exhibition is a room of Dokumenta XI, where Candida Höfer showed "Zwölf - Twelve", 12 large photos of copies of the sculpture "Citicens of Calais" by Auguste Rodin in different places in the world. In the work above this group of people molded in bronze and photographed become the backdrop for the 3 people in front who are also photographed several times in a circle.

Offline this project is shown as projection. The audience can steer through the panorama by stepping on a board and leaning to left or right to indicate direction and speed.


Here you can find a higher resolution (300 KB) version.

Thanks to my friends who are depicted: Richard Jochum, Jacob Schlafen, Rose Marie Gnausch

About the work "Zwölf - Twelve" by Candida Höfer:
a vela (scroll down)
cyberday (scroll down)