Presence Transmitter for Distance Relationships

Sheepskin that illume, emitt scent and communicate over the internet.

Both partners have one of the sheepskin in their apartments. The sheepskin are equipped with light-fibers. Both sheepskin communicate with each over the internet and react to movement or touch close to or on the other sheepskin. When moving close to the one sheepskin, light-waves will pass through the other. When stepping on the one, the respective segment of the other will light up. Laying down on the one for a while will make the other sheepskin emitt the selected scent (which will last in the apartment for a while, so even if she wasnt home, she will still sense it when coming home).

Working Prototypes exist.

So far shown at:
"Expanding Realities", Kulturgelände Nonntal, Salzburg
"UPDATE", Künstlerhaus, Wien -> Presentation in the exhibition


Poster - Function

Poster - Glowing/Light and blueprints/consruction